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Tangela’s Tips to Developing an Online Brand

Updated: Nov 9

Developing a personal brand takes time. Schedule social media content and include your target audience. Be purposeful about your branding. Online branding can be done in various ways such as holding live events, sharing thought leadership around your industry, and making your profile well-optimized with rich content. As a professional, personal branding helps you stand out from the crowd and be distinct from others in your industry.

Formulate a problem-solver approach. Online visibility should never be about making money alone. Be the go-to individual for valuable resources that can provide answers to the pressing needs of your target audience. When people sense that they can get answers from you, they will naturally become a part of your community.

Develop a room for community building. Build and cultivate a community around your brand. This is a group of people in your target audience who become first responders to your content either because you’ve been able to impact them in one way or the other or because they’ve learned to know, like, and trust you. A good community can help you expand your reach as well as distribute your content effectively.

Engage and support your community. Be intentional about dropping valuable insights in the comment session whenever your community members share valuable content. Support them regularly by engaging, referring, and recommending them to others. Remember, prevailing online is beyond showing up to post about what you do. You have to be intentional about achieving your goals by positioning yourself correctly.

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